Sunday, January 31, 2010

The ReGifting Store needs your Support ....

Tomorrow will be a fantastic day at the ReGifting Store. We have 3 families that are coming to us because they have found places to live after staying in shelters and similar situations. I spoke with these people at the store over the past few days and told them to come in Monday when they have the keys and are ready to make their place a home. They are moving in with nothing but a few bags of essentials. We, as a community can change that. The ReGifting Store will be providing them with furniture, dishes, bedding, lamps, tv's, alarm clocks, food and anything else that will make their house a home. We will do this at no cost to the families. Your donations are greatly needed at the ReGifting Store to help make houses into places families can call home........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am not a church goer .......

I have never been a church goer. I've been to church for weddings and funerals but never sat through a service on a Sunday Morning, until today when I attended the service at Lord's Gym. I went to support a friend that I met at The ReGifting Store. His name is Don and he was speaking at the church today with his brother Bud.

Don spoke about his struggles with addiction for over 30 years of his life, the choices he made broke the hearts of everyone who loved him. He only loved his addiction. He has been clean for 6 months, I have only known him for the past 3. I have never known the man who chose drugs and alcohol over everything else in his life but I do know that the man he is today. He is a caring, hard working gentleman that I admire with all my heart for breaking through a life-long struggle and making the choice to change.

He will tell you that it was the help of his friend Korry and his beliefs in God that got him on the road to recovery.

I will tell you that it is people like Don, that inspire me to follow the heart of The ReGifting Store and "Above all else, Love one another".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Regifting Store is Expanding!

Through a generous donation from Bowers Steel, the ReGifting Store was able to expand into the office space next door. Giving us an additional 600 sq feet to be used as additional retail space. We are truly excited about the expansion and invite you to come see the new clothing corner!